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Privacy Policy

Article 1 (Definitions)

This application privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy policy”) is determined for handling user information that Smartphone Application “Apanese Friend Search”(hereinafter referred to as “Application”) provided by On Fleek Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) and Services regarding Application(hereinafter referred to as “Servicess”) Further, please refer Article 9 regarding our contact.

Article 2-1 (Acquiring information item, purpose of use, acquisition method)

Company acquires following user information for the purpose of application
when the user use Application and Servicess
・Profile image(through Facebook authentication)
・Current location(through GPS until municipalities)
Purpose of use: User information control

Article 2-2 (information registered by user)

You must register following user information when you activate Application
・Email address, sex, nickname, national origin
Purpose of use: User information control

Article 3 (Agreement)

1. Please use Application and Services after you confirm Privacy policy.
The Privacy policy is posted on the download page of the Application which shall be deemed with this post. Please confirm the Privacy policy when you install the Application.
2. The Company shall get prior consent when the Company provides information to the third party.

Article 4 (External transmission)

The information acquired by the Company based on Article 2-1 and 2-2 shall be transmitted to the server established by the Company and be used within the limits of purpose of use.

Article 5 (User participation)

Services may be stop acquring all or partial user information, change, erase, terminate base on user’s operation or request

Article 6 (Termination of Services and information control)

1. If you terminate contract of Services or erase the Application on your device by uninstalling the function of Application, all user information acquired and saved shall be deleted immediately from the device.
2. Please note that user information will not be erased if you will not use the uninstall function of the Application or exchanged or disposed the device without using so.

Article 7 (Access to Privacy policy)

Please confirm the latest the Privacy policy and the Company’s privacy policy on the following page. The Privacy policy shall be prioritized if The Company’s privacy policy and the Privacy policy have conflict.
■Terms of use of Application and Services
Menu→Terms of use
■Application・Privacy policy of Application
Menu→Application・Privany policy

Article 8 (Disclosure and provision of information)

The Company shall not disclose or provide the information acquired or saved from the user through the Application and Services without the user’s consent except the third person which is indicated in the Privacy policy. However except in the following cases.
1. The case based on the law and regulation
2. The case for human life, body, and property and it is difficult to obtain consent of person.
3. The case which the Company needs to cooperate the action by the government, local government, or their consignee based on the law or regulation, and to obtain the consent of the person may disrupt their action.
4. Other in terms of conventional wisdom, the case which the Company decides the necessity, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.

Article 9 (Inquiry)

You may contact with us by following the contact window regarding user information of the Application and Services.

Article 10 (Amendment)

There is a possibility that the Privacy policy shall be amended.

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