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Inscription based on specific trade law

Service provider
On Fleek Inc.
1F 3-25-10, Nerima, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
※We do not accept inquiries via phone
Billing is required after the first point consumption.
Please check the price on the billing page.
There is no burden of generating charges besides trial and monthly subscription, but you will be responsible for Internet connection environment, software, communication fee etc.
We will not respond to refunds unless overpaid occurs due to system trouble. In case of a refund, we will take responsibility of our responsibility with refund.
The problem of payment when the customer forgets to stop the subscription becomes a problem by the customer's responsibility and we can not take responsible person.
Please check the guide page for details.
Operating environment
You need iOS device(iPhone) which works this application.
Old iOS may not operate properly, so please be sure to update to the latest.
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