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App Guide

About usage charge /  When you want to stop month subscription

Registration is free!

(1) Login Page

For Facebook users, please register with Facebook authentication.
For Non-Facebook users, please register using the regular login.

※Your Facebook friends won’t be notified that you’re using the application.

(2) Profile Registration

Please fill out the required field.

※Required items can not be modified in the future.

(3) Friend Search Page

Registered users appear in the list.

(A) Search button
(B) Help button
(C) Friend search
(D) Matching
(E) Bulletin board
(F) Message
(G) My page
① Profile image
② National flag icon (national origin)
③ Nickname
④ Age
⑤ Purpose
⑥ Current location (Municipalities)
⑦ Sex
⑧ Login status

(4) Let’s Search

your neigbors, people with the same interests, etc… in a variety of conditions. You would find new Japanese friends!

※Please note that there is a possibility of limited users due to the application’s beta state.

(5) Use your ticket to check your profile

· There are restrictions three times a day to browse the other’s profile.
· You have three tickets a day.
· You can consume this ticket and view the other’s profile. (It will be unlimited by purchasing [Monthly Subscription] from the billing screen)

Select “View Profile”

Select “Yes”

select “Yes” to display the billing screen Three times a day restriction disappears by monthly subscriptions.

(6) Let’s send a message.

Let’s send a greeting message and interact.
There is a translation function so please be relieved.
In addition, fixed greetings and self-introductions are provided with fixed translation texts.
You can think about greeting texts and have less effort to enter letters, so please make use of it by all means!

※You can send a message from the message button on the other profile screen. but Please note that point consumption.

Normal chat function
Camera Button
Photo Button
Voice button
Stamp Button
Meeting MAP button
※Make a pin in meeting place on MAP
※Blue line shows the shortest route to the pin.
Automatic Translation Button
※Your message will be translated in their language
Standard Translation Button
※Standard message which is often used as greeting to Japanese
 ・Greetings ※You can not edit
 ・Self-introduction ※You can not edit
 ・Meeting time
 ・Meeting place
 ・Meeting purpose

Please pay attention

· After you reply from the other party, you will need to pay 250 points for you to send in succession.
· If you send a message for the first time from you, you need to pay 250 points, but the opponent does not pay the points.
· If your holding point is less than 250, purchase [500P Trial 2chats] from the billing screen or purchase unlimited [Monthly Subscription].

① You: Hello ← You sent the message for the first time
② Partner A: Hello ← Mutual transmission and reception confirmed!
③ You: Nice to meet you ← Request 250 points on sending

* If you paid 250P, Partner A does not have to pay. 
* After you settle 250P, the message with partner A will be unlimited.
* If you are the person who first received the message, you will not have any payment. 
(It is important to make it a picture of an interesting profile!)

Credit billing Price list

can be obtainedPrice
Monthly SubscriptionUnlimited Access500/month Yen

When you want to stop month subscription

subscription processing is a payment contract signed between your terminal and Apple.
If you want to stop month subscription, you can not suspend the month subscription even if you withdraw from Apnay with the month subscription registered. This is the specification of Apple. Even if you delete an application, it can not stop as well.
If you want to stop month subscription, you need to manually stop the subscription operation.

<Apple official>View, change, or cancel your subscriptions

■There are two ways to stop monthly subscription
<Operation from within the application>
⑴ My page > Tap “Purchase”
⑵ Point purchase > Tap “Monthly”
⑶ Currently subscribed > Tap “Administration”
⑷ Registration > Tap Apanese from the list
⑸ Tap “Cancel registration”

<Operation from iPhone [Settings]>
⑴ iTunes store and App store> Tap Apple ID
⑵ Apple ID > tap Show Apple ID
⑶ Registration > Tap Apanese from the list
⑷ Tap “Cancel registration”

※ If you forget to stop the subscription after unsubscribing from Apanese app, please note that subscription auto renewal will not stop, so the fee will be withdrawn from the bank continuously. Even if we forget it we can not take any responsibility. We will not repay the payment amount for the forgotten period as well. Please note.

(7) Let’s Meet

After your self-introduction and greetings – you can start asking. You can ask your new Japanese friends: “how do i get to…”, “accomodations”, “restaurants” etc… for your ease of travel needs. Once your new Japanese friend agrees to help you, it’s time for the both of you to meet up! You can easily set the meeting point by ussing the “Meeting MAP” function.

① Please check their location by using the automatic translation of the message function.
② Choose “Meeting MAP” then press and hold good meeting point on the MAP. After a red pin stands, choose “send”.
③ MAP of range designation will be pasted on your message page.
④ Choose the location on the  MAP and you can check the MAP with the red pin.
⑤ If they choose the MAP page, a blue line will show up which indicates the shortest route from their location to the red pin.
⑥ On your end, a blue line which indicates the shortest route from your location to the red pin will also be active once you choose the MAP page.
Even if you lose your way, you’ll still reach the red point since the blue line corrects the shortest route automatically.

(8) Check to Bulletin board

You can check the active user and send a message to the other party to see the posted profile.

※The function for multiple talk or interaction to more than one person is not yet available.

(9) Please select “interests”

Please select Genel from “Interests” in “My Page”
An opponent who has the same “interest” is displayed in “Matching”

※We recommend that you select as many “interests” as possible

Please fill in your profile !
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