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What is Apanese?

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This is a Japanese friends making app.

This is a Japanese friends making app.
“Aapanese Friend Search” is a smartphone application that talks with Japanese people on a one-on-one basis.Because there is a translation function, you can use without anxiety even if you can not read Japanese.Since there is an auxiliary function to facilitate the meet up,Let’s ask the Japanese about directions and sightseeing information.

Apanese friend search


Even if you can not understand Japanese, you can translate every message and send it to the other party.If you tap a message from the other party you can translate it so you can communicate without feeling the language barrier.Regardless of race, anyone can use this.This is 0ne-on-one app, no one can peep and can not interfere.

Other function
 Friend User Search Takeup Picture
 Takeup Image Voice recording
 Stamp Push notice
 Block Footsteps
 Good Bulletin board

For iOS only, Android users can not use.
If you want to talk to the same opponent continuously, you need to consume points (250p).

Let’s have a Japanese guide you with Apanese app.

Apesene Friend Search