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You acknowledge that we erase post that include the following related pictures and words without your permission. And it may be terminated forcibly depending on contents. Such as, 
Slander, defamation, sexual content, prostitution purpose gamble, threat, drug, provocation, advertisement, publicity, recruitment investment information, money demand, card information, political activities religious activities, insistence on thought, personal information, fraud purpose national criticism, onomatopoia, and argot

We provide input limitation in this application. However if you find any onomatopoia and argot contrary to the above in BBS, We would greatly appreciate it if you could inform us.mailto


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Individuals under 18 years old are not allowed to use this application.
Please use this application with care.
Please be careful in sharing your personal or SNS ID and/or any online information such as LINE ID, email address and your contact number.
Apanese will not be liable for any interpersonal conflict.
A NO REFUND policy is in effect for application charges.
Do not save and use secondary images such as profile picture posted by other people without permission.
Do not post critisism about this application or the management in other services(SNS, Media).
Legal action may apply if any of the policies were not followed.

If you show your contact number to strangers by mistake, that is irretrievable!