What is Apanese?

Apanese is matching application to make Japanese friends.

This app helps you communicate with Japanese friends even if you're not familiar with reading and writing in Japanese. 
This would definitely help you form new friendships with Japanese nationals.
Planning a visit to Japan in the future? Why not ask an actual Japanese to help you?
We at Apanese believe that you deserve to have an extra special experience! Go beyond travel guidebooks to help you know about wonderful Japanese destinations or tourist spots, help you find famous restaurants and know more about delicious local food!
Apanese would also want to provide a chance for Japanese people to learn different languages to help them in communicating the vast wonders of Japanese tourist spots, culture, events, food and many more!
Our sub functions are extensive for proposing and meeting, aside from the translation. Let's start learning about Japan's language, culture and sights together!
Meet your new Japanese now! Use Apanese! :)

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 I want to make friends of the Japanese


 I want to go asakusa
 Whether the ninja is present
 I want to enter the onsen
 I want to shop in Japan
 I love the Japanese food
 I want a Japanese lover
Enjoy Japanese "Omotenashi" in your travel!



Find a person in Japan to be your friend,
companion or a good travel partner

Japanese friends
Are you into Japanese Animation, Games, TV shows, Music and New Technology etc? New Japanese trends and lifestyle is fun with your Japanese friend! Would you like to find a Japanese "Otaku" friend and exchange ideas, interests and information? Find your new Japanese source using the Apanase app!

Experience Japan from a reliable source

Deep Japan tourism

Travel guidebooks are not enough for you to understand what’s in store for you. Internet videos and pictures don't really cut it as much as the actual first hand testimonies from people in Japan. Nothing beats stories shared by actual Japanese people living and working in Japan. If you have visited Japan before, it must have been difficult to have had a deep local travel adventure. But if you had a friend who is a Japanese local, you could easily get information about:
 ▪ famous tourist spots and local cultural locations
 ▪ good restaurants
 ▪ shopping locations
 ▪ delicious and authentic local food
 ▪ festivals and events
 ▪ fun activities
 ▪ nature tour and parks
 ▪ transportation
 ▪ bars and clubs
 ▪ hotels and other accomodations
 ▪ amusement parks and other entertainment 
You would definitely learn more and have a wonderful experience if you had a Japanese friend to guide you, which goes beyond travel guidebooks, media and internet!

Learn useful Japanese words and phrases in an effective and fun way

Learn Japanese
The Japanese language has a lot of unique expressions not found in other countries. We have expressions like "Otsukaresama","Itadakimasu","Gochisousama", and "Okaerinasai" that do not have the exact translations in English. These expressions show appreciation and respect when used to greet others. These are considered respectful words in Japan. It maybe confusing to use words like, "Watashi, Ore, Jibun, Washi, Oira, Boku, Shousei", which all mean the same thing - "Me". The Japanese language can be complex because one character or word may differ depending on the gender and situation. This is one of the reasons why "Manga" (Japanese comics) and "Anime" (Japanese animation) are translated, but may get a different meaning. If you want to know the true meaning of your favorite Japanese songs, movies, cartoons, magazines, and other forms of media without subtitles, you can now use - Apanese to ask a native Japanese in a snap of a finger!

Translatable Languages
・English ・Chinese ・Korean



You can be friends with Japanese!

Application Name
  Apanese Friend Search
Operating Environment
iPhone5 above, 
iPod touch(5G) above
OS iOS7.0 above